Jonathan Forrest Read
As humans, much of our personalities are constructed from our life experiences and past interactions with others. The intricate formula that defines who we are as social beings can be traced back to moments in our lives where we felt prominent moments of emotional reflection. No matter how jovial, traumatic, or banal the moment, I am interested in capturing glimpses of where body language meets mental introspection.

I make sculpture, installations and drawings that attempt to freeze in time the moments in life where personal reflections collide with self-definition. I construct visually soft figurative forms that translate as easily recognizable human postures. The forms encourage viewers to create a parallel relationship with my work while the dynamic drawings on the surface create a nostalgic and comfortable language, which establishes mood. This language creates a deeper narrative that connects the mental condition to the figure itself.

My work links formal sculpture with drawing intended to encourage deeper investigation to the brief, but important momentary psychological epiphanies that define us as complex, emotional and beautiful beings.